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For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them. ~Aristotle

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The First Journey Is Complete

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We have now reached the end of this journey. See the official announcement with the full list of acknowledgements here. You can check out the guide and the corresponding reference implementation at

CQRS Journey Map

We also welcome your feedback and stories with your own experiences. Check out the section of the guide called Tales from the Trenches which includes mini-cases studies of other teams implementing the CQRS and ES patterns in the real world. Some of them validate our findings, others provide different perspectives. Take our project for a spin, explore our findings and those of others, and tell your story! Email us at cqrsjourney at microsoft dot com.

There’s still a lot to explore. We would like to encourage the community to improve and extend our implementation of the Contoso Conference Management System. The github code repo remains open and we’ll continue to review any and all of your pull requests.

Once again, your feedback is very important. Based on it, we may or may not decide to embark on the second journey in the future. For now, we remain enthused!